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industry beating results

hvmg c19 performance

hvmg c19 performance

HVMG Beats the Odds for Owners

By moving quickly, we have outperformed the industry in revenue production, expense control and GOP margin.
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GOP Margin Outperformance


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Upper-Upscale TRevPAR Outperformance


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GOPPAR Outperformance


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Beating the Odds and Out-Performing the Industry

Over the last 90 days, HVMG has produced industry-beating results in top line revenue, expense control and GOP margin.

  • Upper-upscale hotels have struggled, so we are particularly proud that our portfolio delivered an average of $56.42 in TRevPAR vs. the industry average of $42.89. We outperformed by 32% and $14 PAR.
  • We took swift measures to adjust expenses to match near-term demand. Our hotels spent $14.37 less PAR than the industry average.
  • Our stronger revenues and thoughtfully-controlled costs delivered $12 more in GOPPAR, with our GOP margin averaging 27.4% to the industry's 4.3%.

HVMG's smart, decisive and fast action to mitigate the pandemic's financial impact allowed us to outperform the industry and beat the odds for our owners in revenue, cost containment and GOP.

Based on HVMG portfolio and STR data for June, July, and August 2020.