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what we do

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Restaurants & Bars 

Opening a restaurant or bar can be complicated. When done well, they drive hotel revenue, contribute to overall guest satisfaction and make a positive impact on asset value. Whether it's a signature restaurant, rooftop bar, or something in between, we understand how to create unique concepts and environments with the distinct nuances that go into making memorable experiences. We blend our partners' goals with market research and independent restaurant expertise to create revenue-focused concepts from design to opening night.

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Start with a Story

We plot our concepts in the history of an area, filling in the missing pieces of a neighborhood and populating it with new characters. We use menu development and physical setting to bring the story to life and create a sense of place that ensures our restaurants and bars are thoughtful and provocative in equal measures.

We balance creativity with practicality, setting each concept up for success across every detail from sourcing purveyors to implementing technology to writing HACCP plans. We cover every angle before executing detailed training to give our staff the confidence to provide excellent service. Our holistic approach creates unique environments operated with the utmost efficiency.