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At HVMG, we hold ourselves to a high level of performance and accountability. We strive to create an environment in which all of our associates are beyond successful …where they thrive, and are proud to be part of the HVMG community.

Our associates are happy to share why they love HVMG so much. Here is a sample!

"I like working for HVMG because I have the opportunity to work for a company that feels like working with family. We all work hard and are recognized for doing so. Each associate is unique in their own way and bring something different to the team. I love the aspect of being given a job to do and left alone to do it. I am able to use my skills and knowledge, as well as push myself in areas I'm unsure of. We are given the flexibility to balance work life and home life. And last but not least, I absolutely love my boss...if I had a different leader I might not enjoy my job as much. HVMG has done an excellent job choosing our leaders."

Peggy Barry, Accounting Assistant, Embassy Suites Tulsa

"HVMG encourages continuous development and contribution from all employees. I have never worked for a company that feels like working with my family. In the good sense. They make work enjoyable because we have fun while we’re here. We all work hard and are recognized for doing so. I have the freedom to think outside the box and have all thoughts considered. I am encouraged to be the best I can be, and I get plenty of help to achieve that. At the end of the day, I couldn’t imagine working with any other people."

Blanca Ibanez, Front Desk Agent, Embassy Suites Tulsa


"I enjoy my co-workers. I get a lot of love. I am treated like a family. We are a team. We go through things together. There is nothing I will not do for them."

Trakeila Fannin, Engineer, Embassy Suites Atlanta Perimeter

"I love when any of the corporate team comes to visit the hotel. They always make a point to say how nice the hotel looks. My job is to make sure all public areas are neat and clean. I take great pride in what I do and it is nice for them to say something. They also take their time to say “hello” to EVERY associate they encounter. It is excellent when your Regional VP knows associates by name."

Johnny Ellerbee, Lobby/Public Areas Attendant, Greensboro High Point Airport Marriott

"I love my staff. We enjoy working together. The employee lunches are great too! I like working for my manager Chad because he trusts me with my work and encourages me to grow as a supervisor."

Matt Fisher, Engineer, Embassy Suites Atlanta Galleria

“HVMG has helped to invigorate, inspire and influence leaders (such as myself) to carry on a legacy of building EXCELLENT talent!”

William A. Jones , Security Manager, Marriott Winston Salem - Twin City Quarter


“I love being a part of the HVMG Family for many reasons. First, it genuinely feels like a family to be a part of this company.  I always know I have support no matter the situation, and have access to many tools to assist in my hotel's success. HVMG strives to assist in achieving their Mission Statement and Values company-wide. For example, during our annual Leadership Conference, I had a challenge with a client that was daunting. Robert Cole, CEO, offered assistance in reaching out to the client to help in recovering the situation. It is not very often the CEO of a company is so willing to take the time to offer this kind of help, no questions asked and with total support. Second, the Culture of Excellence is very empowering, both in your professional life and personally. It does take time to embrace, but once you do, it becomes a genuine way of life. Innovation, recognition and empowerment are values that are encouraged.  HVMG has given me many tools to grow within my role of DOS and in my career.  I am proud to be a member of the HVMG family.

Charisse Smith, Director of Sales, Plunge