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Our Excellent Talent

what we value

Our Excellent Talent

At HVMG, we hold ourselves to a high level of performance and accountability. We strive to create an environment in which all of our associates are beyond successful …where they thrive, and are proud to be part of the HVMG community.

Our associates are happy to share why they love HVMG so much. Here is a sample!

Mesfin Mekonnen

Banquets Support/Audio Visual

"I love working for HVMG, and I love my job because I am treated with respect and appreciated by all managers and colleagues. My long years of experience allowed me to take the initiative to get things done timely and professionally. When I solve an issue with the customers, it makes me incredibly happy because it leaves customers feeling satisfied and eager to return. I take one customer at a time and have them enjoy the experience with our company. I do enjoy collaborating with a high-performance team that works well together and wants to win together. It is an Excellent place to work. Teamwork makes the dream work!"

Alison Cappas

Event Manager

"I love HVMG because they truly care and put thought into their employees. I enjoy involving myself in all associate events because they allow our team to grow together while having fun! Our company surrounds itself with amazing people which brings excellent connections. My close relationship with the general manager has been pivotal, providing valuable insights into the hospitality industry."

Patricia Jimenez-Zapata


"I love HVMG for our family environment. It is an excellent place to work because it is a beautiful and comfortable place for our guests and associates. Our guests are relaxed. They feel loved and like this is their home away from home."

Michelle Davis

General Manager

"I love working with HVMG. I say "with" instead of "for" because when you work at HVMG you are a partner and a part of HVMG. The associates care about you as a person not just a manager/associate. As a manager with HVMG, I am encouraged to be innovative, creative, and do the right thing. My success is HVMG's success and HVMG's success is my success. If I am not succeeding then HVMG is here to help me learn and support me on the path to success. If HVMG is challenged in an area then I am asked to be part of the solution. This approach helps me be a better person and live my purpose. Robert said that he wanted HVMG to be the last company you ever work for. I believe he meant it and HVMG is always improving to make that true."

Katelyn Burke

"Being a part of HVMG has been truly enriching. What stands out to me the most is the incredible cultural atmosphere. It's like stepping into a workplace that feels like family every single day. I genuinely believe that when we're told we're valued, it's sincere and genuine."

Janae Thomas

Group Sales Coordinator

"I love working at HVMG, because the team is like family. We celebrate one another and cheer each other on for success in every department. Being employed by HVMG has been amazing, because they truly stand behind their purpose, 'Be Excellent in all that we do so our associates, guests and partners LOVE us!' Our managers do an excellent job of making us feel loved and appreciated. They honor us with the same value and gratitude that is given to our guests and that makes this the best employer I've ever worked for."

Cyndi Willis

Senior Sales Manager

"I love HVMG because it's an excellent feeling to enjoy coming to work everyday! My experience with HVMG has been so AMAZING and beyond excellent. HVMG truly takes care of their employees and I've learned so much. The best thing about HVMG is how the company encourages growth and opportunities."

Brian Hall

General Manager

"Being able to spread my wings as CEO of my property, and having the support from senior corporate staff to be successful! Most importantly being able to make a call to anyone at corporate level and get an answer directly from them!"

Nikki Thomas

Corporate Director of Sales - Select Brands

"What I particularly appreciate about working at HVMG is the culture of genuine care and support for associates, where everyone is valued and respected. It's a place where we have the resources and autonomy to thrive, allowing us to deliver exceptional experiences while feeling truly empowered."

Monica Alvardo

Restaurant Server

"The best thing about working for HVMG is the excellent work environment and how everyone is like family. We love our jobs here! My colleagues and managers teach us to learn every day to be there for each other and help each other. Our guests love it here, and they tell us it feels like home away from home!"

Ronnie Cole

Director of Sales

I enjoy working for HVMG because this company has allowed me to be myself in the way that I approach my role as a sales leader! The team members that I work with day-to-day support each other and understand that it takes our entire team in order to win with our internal and external guests. HVMG has given me an opportunity to excel and I am excited for all the new opportunities this company has on its horizons!

Chris Gresham

Banquet Captain

"Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much. I love HVMG and love working here! It's hard going into a new situation and not knowing what to expect, but with the right tools thanks to my amazing team and guidance from our management team, HVMG as a company has made me feel excellent about what I can accomplish."